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Season 6 CWS - A Preview of the Promised Land.
Written By Mike
06/14/2021 05:57:15 pm

Omaha – All players dream of it. Managers would kill to be here. Through a long and hard fought season, 8 teams still stand. They’ve reached the promise land, but they’ve still got a long way to go to make it to the other side and grab the treasure. In the next 3 days, One will rise, 7 will fall.

Group A

#1 Rutgers

We all knew they would be here this season. Oregon State gave them quite the scare in the Super Regionals, taking it to Extra Innings in Game 3. Rutgers prevailed, they are in Omaha for the 3rd time in team history and the reigning National Champions. They’ve not dropped a single series all season. I have them as the favorite to go back to back, defending their crown. Coach Vince Taylor has done an amazing job recruiting and organizing this team, and they are in the pinnacle of their history right now.

#4 Ohio State

Another amazing team, they gave it their all last season and fell just short of a National Title game appearance. They are just as good this season, if not better. They have potent bats, ranking 6th in runs, and 4th in Avg nationally. This team is no fluke and is playing great ball. They’ve gone 1-4 against Rutgers this season, can they beat them now when it counts for everything? Rutgers is the road block to their National Championship.

#7 Clemson

Another great team, although I must admit I haven’t paid too much attention to them. They dominated a tough ACC schedule, dropping only 2 series. They rank 12th in runs, and 23rd in ERA, so they have definitely earned this spot. I expect them to end in 3rd place in this group, Rutgers and Ohio State are just better in my opinion.

#14 Wake Forest

Another great ACC team. They have to face Rutgers in game 1, if they lose, it will likely spell disaster for them. They finished 2nd in the ACC. They dropped 8 series this season, so they are quite the surprise being here, 1 game away from being ousted by Prarie View in the Regionals. Their pitchers need to be better to win in this group, but I don’t see it happening. 4th place is my prediction.

Group B

#2 Oregon

One of the most feared teams in the nation. This team is rolling through the postseason again this year. Their pitching has been shut down, since Conference Tournament play, the Ducks have only given up 4 runs in 10 games. Coach Mike Jr is no stranger to big stages, having won 3 National Championships. Known for their power hitting offense, they could grab coach his 4th title, cementing his HoF legacy.

#3 Missouri

A great team that has fallen under the radar. So far they’ve had the perfect postseason, not dropping a single game. They lost their coach during Regionals, but haven’t skipped a beat without him. Playing in their 3rd College World Series. Can they continue this success?

#11 Arizona

Arizona is a team that had a complete turnaround this year. They had a disastrous Season 5, not even making the tournament for the second year in a row. Coach Stan has recently taken the reigns for coach Hayden who had to leave his post due to medical issues. This team can contend with Oregon, beating them in the regular season, only 1 of 2 teams to do so this year. They will have to do it again if they want the gold this year. Simply put, their 75th ranked pitching needs to do better.

#13 San Diego State

The biggest surprise of the College World Series teams. The only non Power 5 team to make it through the gauntlet. Do they belong? If they do, they better bring it game 1 vs Oregon or they’ll face a quick exit. They have the 5th best pitching unit in the Country, and those pitchers better show up vs those bats of Oregon. I predict this team to finish 3rd in the group.

Clemson are ACC Tourney Champs!
06/11/2021 03:45:08 pm
Clemson has won the Season 6 ACC Tournament!

The Tigers have won the ACC Tournament. They have won their 2nd tournament title.

Clemson are ACC Champions!
06/09/2021 04:30:19 pm
Clemson has won the Season 6 ACC Title!

The Tigers went 22-8 in ACC play this season to grab their 2nd title.

Players selected in the Season 6 Draft
06/09/2021 04:02:58 pm
Clemson player(s) were selected in the Season 6 Draft

SR C Terrance Scott - Rd 4, Pick #13
SR SP Clayton Ryan - Rd 7, Pick #11
SR RP Antonio Richard - Rd 11, Pick #25
SR SP Reginald Toran - Rd 15, Pick #1
SR 1B Chance Hopkins - Rd 15, Pick #17
SR LF Dane Stout - Rd 17, Pick #7
SR 3B Gus Contreras - Rd 22, Pick #27
SR LF Jean Dillard - Rd 24, Pick #13
Season 6 Awards
06/09/2021 03:46:17 pm
Clemson player(s) have won awards for their Season 6 performances

All American
SR RP Antonio Richard
SR C Terrance Scott
JR CF Buster Sweet
SR SP Clayton Ryan
SR RP Antonio Richard
2 GB
3 GB
4 GB
4 GB
5 GB
6 GB
Rock Hill
6 GB
6 GB
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