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Shark Radar: Big Happenings on the Island
Written By CoachE27
09/13/2021 12:24:36 pm
Post -- Watch out fans, there are a lot of big rumors coming from the LIU baseball program this week and we can't help but pay close attention to them.

1) Does Coach Rains finally have the group that can push them over the top?
Coach Rains enters his 5th year at the helm of the LIU program and has far exceeded the expectations. However, after 4 straight conference regular and tournament titles, the Sharks are rumored to have a different glow about them this year.

2) Can the rebuilt pitching staff provide the necessary innings?
Coach Rains set out to fully revamp a depleted pitching staff due to the draft as well as graduation. Losing almost 85% of last seasons production on the mound, the Sharks welcome in a hefty group of transfers as well as incoming freshman who are expected to compete immediately.

3) How much of a shake up will there be in the opening day lineup?
Coach Rains has loss a tremendous amount of his players to the draft and graduation from his first recruiting class. This year he has the challenge of fielding a team that replaces 6 everyday starters and 4 or the 5 starting pitchers. Does he have the depth to sustain this years tough schedule.
Season/National Signing Day Recap
Written By King Appy
09/07/2021 06:52:08 am
Coach Eli LeBlanc had a very successful year on the field, but a successful one off the field too. He finished 59-10 after losing to Virginia in the Super Regionals. He managed to finish first in the C-USA in both the regular season and conference tournament. He can't wait to see what this team is capable of next season!

National Signing Day Recap:

4 Star

RP Ben Yates
LF Emanuel Fuentes
C Arnoldo Moran

3 Star

SP Vaughn Vasquez
SP Clifton Coleman

2 Star

LF Jeremiah Frye
SS Barry Merritt
1B Jaime Alonso
Season 10 Draft Results
09/01/2021 04:04:05 pm
The Season 10 Draft Draft Result

Round 1
SR CL Abraham Eovaldi - Corpus Christi Round 1, Pick#1
JR RF Rufus Lakins - Xavier Round 1, Pick#2
SR C Amed Dodson - Butler Round 1, Pick#3
SR CL Leonel Maldonado - Irvine Round 1, Pick#4
JR SP Joey Knox - Pacific Round 1, Pick#5
SR CF Ryan Kirkland - Ohio State Round 1, Pick#6
JR CL Hanser Tate - North Arizona Round 1, Pick#7
JR CF Ty McDaniel - Penn St Round 1, Pick#8
JR SS Percy Bolton - Oregon Round 1, Pick#9
JR RP Amed Eluemunor - Central Conn St Round 1, Pick#10
JR CF Leroy Pena - Florida Round 1, Pick#11
JR CF Mauricio Akin - Virginia Round 1, Pick#12
JR SP Tobias Cardenas - Virginia Round 1, Pick#13
JR SP Bart McCray - Ohio State Round 1, Pick#14
SR 2B Trent Livingston - Oregon Round 1, Pick#15
JR CL Patrick Copeland - Northwestern Round 1, Pick#16
SR SP Matthew Curry - Long Island Round 1, Pick#17
SR SP Marcellus Lane - Tennessee Round 1, Pick#18
JR SS Fred Brewer - NJ Tech Round 1, Pick#19
JR 3B Rosario Abadie - Oklahoma St Round 1, Pick#20
SR SP Leland Mercer - Incarnate Word Round 1, Pick#21
SR CL Guy Roth - Oklahoma St Round 1, Pick#22
SR C Chris Haskins - Ohio State Round 1, Pick#23
JR RP Victor Moss - Monmouth Round 1, Pick#24
JR 3B Fernando Thornton - Florida Round 1, Pick#25
SR CL Marion Jennings - Texas Southern Round 1, Pick#26
SR RP Cecil Swanson - William & Mary Round 1, Pick#27
JR LF Ernie Stout - Oregon Round 1, Pick#28
JR C Napoleon Pickett - Penn St Round 1, Pick#29
JR 3B Ross Valdez - Virginia Round 1, Pick#30
Juniors leaving early for Season 10 Draft.
09/01/2021 03:57:33 pm
The Season 10 Draft is upon us once again. These are the players that will be leaving their school early to pursue their professional careers.


JR C Elroy Mathews
JR 3B Fernando Thornton
JR CF Leroy Pena
JR CF Glenn Stewart
JR LF Tomas Moss


JR SP Jeurys Atkinson


JR SP Eli Pitts

South Carolina

JR 1B Angelo Ruiz
JR CL Jefferson Abdul

Texas A&M

JR CF Trevor Mathis


JR 2B Collin Brasier
JR 2B Eugene Queen
JR CL Willy Cowart

Penn St

JR C Napoleon Pickett
JR SS Leonel Adeboyejo
JR SS Hunter Hampton
JR CF Ty McDaniel
JR RP Julio Odom
JR SP Abe Gaviglio


JR RF Sol Wilcox
JR CL Jalen Rodon


JR SS Cody Jennings


JR LF Von Akin

Ohio State

JR 3B Benedict Dillard
JR RF Kyle Finch
JR CF Raymon Voth
JR CL Chi Leonard
JR SP Bart McCray
JR SP Luigi Serrano


JR C Felipe Langley
JR SP Richie Howard


JR CL Patrick Copeland


JR CF Jacob Ellison


JR 3B Terrence Buchanan
JR RF Alphonse Ellis
JR RF Drake Bell


JR RF Aarons Barry


JR SP Terrence Kirby

Arizona State

JR 1B Clifford Goodman


JR 2B Earnest Bender
JR SS Percy Bolton
JR SS Damon Gentry
JR RF Brady Marks
JR LF Ernie Stout
JR RP Ruben Yamamoto
JR SP Felix Pratt

Oregon State

JR SP Faustino Rollins


JR C Conrad Hughes
JR 1B Ethan Patrick
JR CF Doyle Bichette


JR RP Gustavo Maldonado

Oklahoma St

JR C Gio McPherson
JR 2B Glenn Wallach
JR 3B Carson Zimmerman
JR 3B Rosario Abadie


JR 2B Lane Wallach

Iowa State

JR 1B Romero Charles
JR 1B Jordan Stephenson


JR SS Herman Acosta
JR SP Ted Newton

West Virgina

JR RF Bernardo Walter
JR SP Titus Bentley

Florida State

JR C Antoine Haskins
JR 1B Jasper Carey


JR CF Trent Schmidt

Boston College

JR CF Roman Rosales
JR LF Neal Bleier
JR SP Ray Nieves


JR SS Bernardo Best


JR SP Elmo Rose

Georgia Tech

JR CL Wes Ross


JR 3B Ross Valdez
JR RF Hanser Barlow
JR CF Mauricio Akin
JR SP Tobias Cardenas

Wake Forest

JR 1B Freddie Mancini

North Carolina

JR RP Roger Bartlett


JR LF Reese d'Arnaud

Seton Hall

JR SP Cleveland Thurman


JR 2B Roman Marsh
JR 2B Bart Cummings
JR 3B Agustin Brennan
JR RF Rufus Lakins
JR LF Arturo Bower

Southern Miss

JR CL Brad Hawkins

LA Tech

JR CF Hunter Grant
JR CL Keven Cessa

San Antonio

JR RP Marcell Greer

Florida Atl

JR LF Tony Jordan
JR CL Barett Green

Stony Brook

JR CF Otis Berg


JR 2B Cletus Lynch
JR RF Randall Ottavino
JR LF Adolph Thames


JR RP Damian Albies


JR RP Kurtis Cortez


JR CL Jonas McBride

Central Florida

JR 2B Louis Booker


JR RF Barton Voit


JR LF Sherman Poche


JR CL Kelvin Lindsey


JR C Cam Greer


JR RP Esteban Mueller


JR RP Stuart Kieboom

Gulf Coast

JR CL Freddy Breaux

NJ Tech

JR SS Fred Brewer

North Florida

JR 1B DeMarcus Brantley

North Arizona

JR CL Hanser Tate

High Point

JR SS Alex Gilmore


JR 1B Wesley Levy
JR SS Rocco Inciarte


JR 2B Bryce James
JR RF Darrick Ferrell
JR RP Rosario Donaldson


JR SS Manual Develin
JR RP Sterling Tanner


JR CL Emery Fernandez


JR 3B Samuel Kerr


JR SP Trey Blake


JR 2B Arnold Strasburg
JR SS Dannie Galloway
JR SS Don Hall
JR LF Isan Hammond
JR RP Victor Moss

Northern Ill

JR SP Gonzalo Elias


JR 3B Freddie Wiggins


JR CF Dominic Barrera
JR CL Julian Bolden


JR 2B Jordon Davidson
JR SS Lorenzo Weiss

Eastern Shore

JR RP Yimi Segura

Bethune Cookman

JR SP Alberto Ruiz

Morgan State

JR RF Jon Stanley
JR CF Waylon Butler
JR CL Gil Pearson


JR RP Russell Acevedo

Loyola Chicago

JR CL Damion Pugh
JR SP Romeo Bolden

Boise State

JR RP Eric Whitehead

San Jose St

JR CF Giovanni Fisher

Utah State

JR CL Adolfo Gurriel
JR RP Lamont Gates

Central Conn St

JR RP Amed Eluemunor
JR RP Ian Gentry

Long Island

JR CL Samuel Green
JR SP Sid Hoskins


JR RP Gavin Bailey


JR CL Damon Hoffman


JR CL Sandy Weber

Northwestern St

JR 1B Abel Stafford


JR CL Owen Farley

Prairie View

JR RP Eli Espinoza

Oral Roberts

JR C Joe Vega

North Dakota St

JR RP Anderson Cordero

South Dakota St

JR RP Norman Abe


JR CF Brady Segura


JR CL Abe Jackson

Arkansas St

JR RF Wade Good

South Alabama

JR CF Joe Voth

Coastal Car

JR RP Emmett Walter


JR C Corey Akiyama
JR 3B Jacob Leblanc
JR SS Alejandro Kirkland
JR CF Rob Holden
JR SP Joey Knox

San Francisco

JR CL Rory Silva


JR SP Abbott Riddle


JR SS Corey Frost

Rio Grande

JR CL Kurtis Santana

Chicago St

JR CL Robert Richardson


JR C Marlin Lewis

Season 9 College World Series: Fresh Blood
Written By Mike
08/16/2021 06:28:11 pm

Welcome back to Omaha, Nebraska. Boy do we have some matchups for you. With a new sim comes a lot of newcomers. 5 new faces to reach the College World Series this year. Some familiar faces have hung up the cleats for the season already. Everything is on the line now 2 Losses and you’re done. It’s time to play ball.

Group A

The defending Champions are lighting up the College Baseball world once again. The clear favorites in my eyes, but one game can change your whole trajectory now. Currently on a 34 game win streak. First matchup comes against an underrated SEC Tourney Champion South Carolina squad. I think they take this game and will be headed to back to back championships.

Ohio State

This Buckeyes squad ran the gauntlet once more this season. Didn’t have as great results as in the past but they ended up where the belonged again. TOSU is an Omaha regular now. The Season 7 champions look to make an upset in their group. It starts with a good Oklahoma club. They return an elite lineup at the plate and their pitching has been great for the matchups they’ve been in. This is a great team but is overshadowed by Virginia in the group, sometimes you need a little luck. That’s what it will take.

South Carolina

A somewhat surprise team here. First-timer Coach Thomas has his team rolling through the postseason. They swept the SEC tournament, and knocked out Oregon in the Super Regionals, a feat that hasn’t been done since Season 1. It was no fluke, this squad is very well rounded. The 6th best batting and the 10th best pitching team. Game 1 will tell us if they’re ready to make noise. I think they place 3rd though.


The 2nd fresh face of this group. Coach FrogsAlot has been around the block, but has settled in Oklahoma. It’s been a great fit so far as Oklahoma took the Big12 Championship in his first season, as well as making it all the way here. Unfortunately for this Cinderella, I think this is where the story ends for them. I think this group is just too good for OU to run the gauntlet.

Group B

The Gators are hungry. After losing the Championship in game 3. Their 3rd straight trip to the CWS, and 5th overall. The inaugural Champs are back. They bring with them the top offense in the country and a solid pitching rotation to back that up. They did get swept by the Buckeyes early in the season, but bounced back and dominated everything until the conference Semis vs UK. I do think the odds are in favor of a championship rematch, can they get the outcome they want this time?

Long Island

The Sharks are in a frenzy. Welcome to the College World Series. This team has fought so hard the last few seasons to get here. It’s time to show up on the big stage now. A recent Big East transplant showed no signs of slowing down, taking the Big East Championship and Tournament. I think they can challenge for this group. We don’t really know Florida’s true strength, but I guess we can kinda say the same about LIU. This is gonna be an interesting group for sure.


The lone PAC12 rep. Another fresh face. Coach Buff has been climbing the ranks for the past 2 seasons coming out of nowhere. They’ve had some ups and downs this season, but they deserve to be here. They took down CWS regulars in Xavier. They matchup with Florida in Game 1. If they can take that game, it could change this whole group.


Last but not least we have Indiana. More new blood. Autumn Finley’s first season has been a great one. Where did he come from? It doesn’t matter, all that matters is that he’s here in the promised land. Time to make the most of it. They’ve got solid pitching and a good ability to generate runs. They will need it against the Sharks. The Sharks have dropped random games here and there, Indiana could change their fate with just one win. We’ll see what happens.

NCAA Baseball Tournament Predictions, Rematch of Last Year's National Championship?
Written By BigBoss27517
08/15/2021 01:30:37 pm
Charlottesville Regional:
#1: Virginia (3-0)
#2: South Florida (2-2)
#3 Memphis (1-2)
#4: Valparaiso (0-2)

Gainesville Regional
#1: Florida (3-0)
#2: UMass (2-2)
#3: Baylor (1-2)
#4: Jacksonville State (0-2)

Eugene Regional
#1: Oregon (3-0)
#2 Notre Dame (2-2)
#3: Arizona (1-2)
#4: Colgate (0-2)

Cincinnati Regional
#1: Xavier (3-0)
#2: Ole Miss (2-2)
#3: Austin Peay (1-2)
#4: Sam Houston State (0-2)

Long Island Regional
#1: Long Island (3-1)
#2: Kentucky (3-2)
#3: Texas State (1-2)
#4: Radford (0-2)

Columbus Regional
#1: Ohio State (3-0)
#2: Rice (2-1)
#3: Pacific (1-2)
#4: Creighton (0-2)

Stillwater Regional
#1: Northwestern (3-1)
#2: Oklahoma State (3-2)
#3: Iowa (1-2)
#4: North Kentucky (0-2)

New Brunswick Regional
#1: Rutgers (3-1)
#2: Maryland (3-2)
#3: San Antonio (1-2)
#4: The Citadel (0-2)

Norman Regional
#1: North Texas (4-1)
#2: Oklahoma (2-2)
#3: California (1-2)
#4: Cornell (0-2)

Las Vegas Regional
#1: UNLV (3-0)
#2: WMU (2-2)
#3: Oregon State (1-2)
#4: Miss State (0-2)

Bloomington Regional
#1: Indiana (3-1)
#2: UTEP (3-2)
#3: Arizona State (1-2)
#4: South Dakota (0-2)

University Park Regional
#1: Penn State (3-1)
#2: Texas Tech (3-2)
#3: Minnesota (1-2)
#4: Texas Southern (0-2)

Coral Gables Regional
#1: Miami (FL) (3-0)
#2: UCLA (2-2)
#3: Incarnate Word (1-2)
#4: Idaho (0-2)

Monroe Regional
#1: Morgan State (3-1)
#2: Texas (3-2)
#3: Binghampton (1-2)
#4: Monroe (0-2)

Boulder Regional
#1: Florida State (4-1)
#2: Colorado (2-2)
#3: Charleston (1-2)
#4: Cal-Fullerton (0-2)

Columbia Regional
#1: South Carolina (3-1)
#2: Iowa State (3-2)
#3: New Mexico State (1-2)
#4: Monmouth (0-2)

Charlottesville Super Regional
#1 Virginia (2-0) vs #51 Morgan State (0-2)

Gainesville Super Regional
#2 Florida (2-0) vs #26 Northwestern (0-2)

Eugene Super Regional
#3 Oregon (2-1) vs #24 North Texas (1-2)

Cincinnati Super Regional
#4 Xavier (2-0) vs #18 Florida State (0-2)

Long Island Super Regional
#5 Long Island (2-0) vs #16 South Carolina (0-2)

Columbus Super Regional
#6 Ohio State (2-0) vs #13 Miami (FL) (0-2)

New Brunswick Super Regional
#8 Rutgers (2-1) vs #12 Penn State (1-2)

Las Vegas Super Regional
#10 UNLV (2-1) vs #11 Indiana (1-2)

College World Series Group A
#1: Virginia (3-0)
#2: Long Island (2-2)
#3: Xavier (1-2)
#4: UNLV (0-2)

College World Series Group B
#1: Florida (3-1)
#2: Oregon (3-2)
#3: Ohio State (1-2)
#4: Rutgers (0-2)

National Championship
#1 Virginia (2-1) over #1 Florida (1-2)
Shark Radar: Trophy Hunting for the Sharks
Written By CoachE27
08/15/2021 06:46:15 am
Post -- Well Shark fans, the long awaited time of the year has fallen upon us once more. It is Playoff time in college baseball and the Sharks are in the hunt again. Coach Rains has the LIU Sharks hosting a regional and possibly more if they can take care of business. The Sharks have won the first two games they have played in a dominating fashion with wins of 9-0 and 10-0. We have become accustomed to scores like this under the leadership of Rains along with the trip into the college playoff scene. Driven by a strong Junior class, Rains first recruiting class at LIU, the Sharks are pushing hard to break the glass and make it to Omaha after falling just short last year.

The move to the Big East did not seem to change the course of the program in a negative way as many had predicted. Instead, the move seems to have only increased and built an even greater push for the LIU program. Coach Rains and the Sharks have now won three Regular Season and three Conference Tournament Championships in a row, two in the NEC and one in the Big East. The plans are in place to celebrate that accomplishment but will have to wait until the Sharks are done competing in Season 9.

AD Tooth spoke very highly of the state of the baseball program and reiterated the importance of trying to solidify Coach Rains as the face of the program. "We are currently in talks with some advisors as to what we can do to ensure that we are providing the support and encouragement to continue the growth that we have had under Coach Rains. He is a highly coveted coach around the country and we believe that we can provide everything and more to keep him here at LIU."

You can catch the Sharks later today as they prepare to play the winner of the elimination game between Kentucky and Texas State.
New Face at UNT
Written By King Appy
08/15/2021 12:35:35 am
Coach Eli LeBlanc has recently left South Dakota for North Texas, after he went 0-2 in regional play. He comes to UNT with high hopes to make this team into a powerhouse!
Season 9 Draft Results
08/11/2021 04:03:20 pm
The Season 9 Draft Draft Result

Round 1
JR CF Walter Rodon - Virginia Round 1, Pick#1
JR LF Art Stokes - Dallas Baptist Round 1, Pick#2
SR CL Heath Sisco - Iowa State Round 1, Pick#3
SR CL Joey Terry - Central Florida Round 1, Pick#4
JR RP Lupe Bart - Florida Round 1, Pick#5
SR C Von House - Bowling Green Round 1, Pick#6
SR 1B Lourdes Lowery - Clemson Round 1, Pick#7
JR C Elvis Chapman - Alabama Round 1, Pick#8
SR 2B Jace Bryan - Illinois Round 1, Pick#9
SR 2B Kirby Garrison - South Carolina Round 1, Pick#10
JR 3B Sanford Brinson - Florida Round 1, Pick#11
SR SP Gil Davis - Virginia Tech Round 1, Pick#12
SR CL Tomas Preston - Coastal Car Round 1, Pick#13
JR C Gene Bridges - Appalachian Round 1, Pick#14
SR SP Rafael Gallagher - Hampton Round 1, Pick#15
SR 1B John Stafford - Michigan Round 1, Pick#16
JR 3B Kirby Delaney - Bowling Green Round 1, Pick#17
JR RP Ozzie Hembree - Memphis Round 1, Pick#18
JR 3B Jamel Gallagher - Oklahoma St Round 1, Pick#19
SR 3B Adalberto Barlow - Arkansas St Round 1, Pick#20
JR LF Ivory Buchanan - Long Island Round 1, Pick#21
SR SS Dustin Dotson - Rutgers Round 1, Pick#22
SR RP Paris Grichuk - Arkansas Round 1, Pick#23
SR SP Chase Gardner - Oklahoma St Round 1, Pick#24
SR 2B Aroldis Adames - Missouri Round 1, Pick#25
SR LF Ocatvio Fulmer - Rutgers Round 1, Pick#26
JR RF Seymour Gomes - Long Island Round 1, Pick#27
JR SP Raymond Hansen - Monroe Round 1, Pick#28
SR SS Brock Gross - Nicholls St Round 1, Pick#29
SR CL Gary Hudson - Bowling Green Round 1, Pick#30
Juniors leaving early for Season 9 Draft.
08/11/2021 03:57:28 pm
The Season 9 Draft is upon us once again. These are the players that will be leaving their school early to pursue their professional careers.


JR C Ozzie Camacho
JR 3B Sanford Brinson
JR 3B Eddy Curry
JR RF Elvin Fulton
JR RP Lupe Bart


JR 2B Darwin Benjamin


JR C Elvis Chapman


JR C Amos Holman
JR 2B Mickey Barr
JR 3B Alec Schwartz
JR LF Broderick Hampton

Miss State

JR SS Yasmani Edelman
JR CL Salvadore Rasmussen


JR SS Winston Cajuste

Texas A&M

JR CL Rocco Delaney


JR SP Julian Nguyen

Penn St

JR LF Steve Hamilton


JR 3B Aroldis Nash


JR SP Cleo Conrad


JR CL Romero Mooney

Ohio State

JR 2B Freddy Atkins


JR RP Kohl Whitehead
JR SP Romeo Riddle

Washington St

JR RP Jackie Fields


JR 2B Seranthony Tyler
JR 3B Laurence Dotson


JR RP Valentine Izzo

Arizona State

JR SP Kasey Kendrick


JR CL Ryan Santana


JR CF Donovan Pillar
JR RP Alton Gardner

Oregon State

JR 2B Emmett Wiley
JR SP Chas Pena


JR 3B Marquis Manning
JR SS Ernesto Evans
JR RP Leonard Neal

Oklahoma St

JR 3B Jamel Gallagher
JR LF Ezekiel Garner


JR 1B Lou Chang
JR 3B Malik Wheeler
JR SS Anton Higgins

Texas Tech

JR 1B Major Kingery


JR SP Domenic Carson

Kansas State

JR 1B Ernie Macdonald
JR RF Otis Mercer
JR SP Reginald Mathis

Iowa State

JR CL Nolan Knight

West Virgina

JR RP Walton Richard

Dallas Baptist

JR LF Art Stokes

Florida State

JR SP Rupert Difo

Boston College

JR 3B Trent Leblanc


JR 3B Shaq Franklin


JR 3B Derrick Conley
JR SS Jack Cajuste


JR C Boyd Joyner
JR 2B Kendall Adam
JR RF Jack Alford

Georgia Tech

JR CF Art Hurley


JR 1B Ronald Shepard
JR 2B Neville Ward
JR CF Walter Rodon


JR RF Fredrick Gentry
JR RP Conrad ONeal

St Johns

JR RF Sonny Wolf

Seton Hall

JR 3B Steven Martinez
JR CF Shane Montoya


JR 1B Abernathy Hembree


JR 1B Abel Cote
JR SS Solomon Tyson


JR CL Noble Spears


JR SP Magneuris Higgins

Southern Miss

JR 2B Alex Diaz


JR C Dewey Santana
JR SP Fletcher Haseley

Florida Atl

JR 1B Todd Parrish
JR LF Rupert Best

Florida Int

JR RP Arturo Rios

North Texas

JR 2B Rodger Dolis
JR CF Adalberto Wise
JR SP Gerard Ramos

Old Dominion

JR CL Darius Doolittle


JR RP Sammy Petersen


JR CL Reuben Fisher

New Hampshire

JR SP Marco Roach


JR 1B Mitchell Newhouse

Central Florida

JR SP Porter Grimes


JR SP Jean Alfaro


JR RF Byron Huff
JR RP Ozzie Hembree


JR CF Jeurys Wise
JR CL Roberto Dean
JR CL Isan Hoover


JR SS Emery King
JR CL Beau Adeboyejo

SC Upstate

JR CL Mitch Brantley

NJ Tech

JR 2B Leroy McGuire

Portland St

JR 2B Newton Kelley


JR SS Eduardo Wells


JR CF Hunter Wilkins
JR CL Russell Lynch

Long Beach St

JR CL Wesley Renfroe


JR C Bradford Kaufman
JR CL Charley Stafford

Cal Poly

JR RP Bill Garrison

Incarnate Word

JR 2B Edmond Mullen
JR CL Rafael Pollard
JR CL Jared Bowers


JR CL Terrance Moore


JR SP Yasmani Daniel


JR SS Harry Guerra

Green Bay

JR CL Steven Roberts

North Kentucky

JR SP Sammy Holt


JR 3B Darius Valencia


JR RF Nathaniel Robertson
JR SP Miguel Donaldson


JR 2B Drake Henry
JR CL Dino Pruitt


JR SP Arlie Ryu


JR CF Israel Moreland

Bowling Green

JR 3B Kirby Delaney
JR LF Darryl Leach


JR 3B Dwayne Pittman

Cal Baptist

JR RP Beau Lewis

S Carolina St

JR SP Clarence Abner

Boise State

JR SS Andrew Diaz

New Mexico

JR RP Beau Marquez


JR CF Hans Avery

San Jose St

JR C Sammy Woodard


JR RF Sonny Dayton

Long Island

JR C Andrew Edelman
JR 1B Cyrus Everett
JR 3B Grant Salazar
JR 3B Ernie Cooper
JR SS Murray Wallach
JR RF Seymour Gomes
JR LF Ivory Buchanan
JR SP Joel Choi

Murray State

JR 2B Paris Merritt


JR RF Gayle Lloyd

East Tenn State

JR RP Kohl Vasquez


JR LF Collin Delaney

Sam Houston

JR CL Britt Holland

Northwestern St

JR RP Agustin Tarpley


JR CL Esteban Santana

Alcorn St

JR SP Amed Roark

Alabama A&M

JR CL Joe Paul

Prairie View

JR RP Mike Wyatt

Pine Bluff

JR CL Ray Golden


JR SP Clyde Acosta

Texas State

JR CL Carter Holloway

Arkansas St

JR CL Arnold Nola

UL Lafayette

JR CL Yoenis Mack

South Alabama

JR SS Russell Lynch
JR CL Ron Sears


JR C Gene Bridges
JR 1B Jerald Stewart
JR RF Ethan Santos


JR 1B Harley Rodon
JR CL Von Hull
JR SP Raymond Hansen

San Diego

JR SP Ernie Gibson

Santa Clara

JR SP Johnnie Moore


JR LF Toby Wood
JR RP Norbert Ingram


JR LF Michael Alexander

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