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Rains Pleased with Year 1; Hard at Work to Improve
Written By CoachE27
12/01/2021 04:56:18 am
Tuscaloosa -- A promising start to the Rains era at The Capstone met some up and downs during the season. After spending much of the first half in the top-10, the Tide began feeling the strain of depth and injuries that all teams have. Coach Rains continued to coach hard and took this teams into a regional showdown that would end in a final game against Texas A&M in the College Station Regional. Chuck Hurt caught up with Coach Rains after the team returned from College Station.

CH - Coach Rains, I know the season did not end quite the way you would hope, however, a runner up finish in a regional is quite impressive.

ER - Yeah, we did not finish the way we really wanted to. We talked all year about trying to play with a chip on your shoulder and maintain intensity. We lost some of that late in the year and you could see it in the W-L column. But the guys continued to battle and I am proud of what we were able to accomplish this year.

CH - Now that the season is over and you have time to rest and recoup, what are your plans?

ER - Well Chuck, honestly, the real work begins. We have some scholarship spots open and we are going to work extremely hard to fill those spots with guys that will buy into our style of ball here at Alabama. We feel that this is one of the best places for young men to come and receive an education along with playing in the toughest conference in college baseball. So, aside from a few days with the family here and there, we are committed to making this program a contender as quickly as possible. Our guys have already received their training assignments along with their summer and fall league invites and we will begin monitoring that closely as we prepare for next season.

Coach Rains sounds like he has already laid out a plan of attack to boost the Tide to the next level. With a strong signing day class, promising late signing period hopefuls and what is sure to be a heavy transfer portal, Coach Rains may make this a very scary team very quickly.
Season 14 CWS Preview Show
Written By Mike
11/30/2021 08:09:20 pm
Sam Tomm named head coach of Manhattan College Jaspers
Written By Mets09
11/29/2021 05:30:46 pm
With rumors escalating about Merrimack head coach Sam Tomm leaving the program, these talks turned into action shortly after Merrimack's 8-6 loss to St. Mary's in the Oxford Regional. North Andover Post journalism and Merrimack Warrior beat writer Ray Davidson reported that the longtime Warrior coach Sam Tomm had left the program with intention to take a job at MAAC bottom feeder Manhattan College. Shortly following was a Manhattan social media release introducing their new head coach Tomm and a scheduled press conference. "This is an uncommon sudden turn of events and is a quick transition from rumors to action," says Davidson who was also one of the first to report rumors of Tomm leaving. Tomm will be leaving a Merrimack program that he has been with since their introduction to Division 1 athletics, leading them to a 139-70 Northeastern Conference record and to 4 NEC titles with a 5-8 postseason record. The Manhattan Jaspers will be his new landing spot and they are certainly going to pose a challenge for Coach Tomm. The Jaspers have been historically one of the worst teams in the NCAA, with a 294-622 all-time record and only 4 conference tournament appearances in their entire existence. They have been a program in despair, with little money funded into their program, very sparse recruiting interest and poor facilities. Jaspers AD Marianne Riley considered cutting the program but will now throw a hail mary to save the program with the hiring of Tomm. This will stretch the already limited athletic budget for the Jaspers, but it is their only hope to save the program and reinvigorate interest into the program from both recruits and donors alike. "We want to save our baseball program and the rest of our athletics programs for that matter," says Riley in a short Zoom interview immediately after the hiring. "Coach Tomm is an amazing coach who we trust to bring interest back into the program and save Jasper athletics." This is a huge and shocking story including one of the most hottest NCAA coaching changes in recent years. A struggling program in danger of folding manages to draw in one of the newest and promising coaching prospects in NCAA in hopes of saving the team. Tomm's interview will be conducted at 9:00pm ET and will hopefully provide insight into his decision and his plan to turn around Manhattan's program.
North Andover Post-Head Coach Sam Tomm could be on the move.
Written By Mets09
11/27/2021 07:37:06 pm
In a surprising turn of events rumors are swirling around the Merrimack College campus as inside sources on the team say head coach Sam Tomm. Tomm, the former Binghamton assistant, who has been with the team since their transition to Division 1 is, on the move. Tomm has brought the Warriors program into minor national relevance, taking home 4 NEC titles and having a 2-6 record in regional games. They are set to open this years playoffs against Ole Miss in the Oxford regional tomorrow. No official announcements have been made by either the Merrimack program or Tomm, but the same inside source says "It's almost a sealed deal that Tomm will be leaving Merrimack. It's only a matter of where." The source also goes onto say it will likely be a program in need of rebuild, rather than a power conference team. This will be a huge blow to the Merrimack team and a huge gain to whatever team lands Tomm. This story will be updated when more details are released to the public.
Season 14 Regionals Preview
Written By Mike
11/27/2021 07:03:37 pm
Juniors leaving early for Season 14 Draft.
11/25/2021 03:57:36 pm
The Season 14 Draft is upon us once again. These are the players that will be leaving their school early to pursue their professional careers.


JR LF Herb Doyle
JR SP Tom Newhouse


JR 1B Adolph Lambert


JR CF Herman Caldwell
JR CL Emery Bonner
JR SP Benedict Pipkins

Louisiana State

JR CL Antwan Gregory

Ole Miss

JR 3B Willis Byers
JR CF Abel Humphrey
JR LF Dick Cease

Texas A&M

JR CF Bernie Chambers
JR SP Dee Howell


JR 3B Seymour Chavis


JR LF Mac Voth

Penn St

JR SP Wilbert Flores


JR SS Tim King
JR CL Frank Wood


JR CL Max York


JR C Able Logan
JR LF Sid Harrington
JR RP Les DeLuca

Ohio State

JR C Marcos Burch
JR RP Ruben Phelps


JR SS Israel Gomes
JR SP Jeff Rainey


JR SS Mike Hoffman


JR LF Eddy Riley
JR RP Preston McClain
JR RP Vance Ottavino
JR SP Dewayne Devers
JR SP Jonathan Tsutsugo


JR C Joey deGrom

Arizona State

JR C Todd Ingram
JR SS Glenn Sanchez


JR SP Collin Duran


JR C Leonard Black
JR 2B Chang Winovich
JR SS Hanser Lugo
JR SS Major Gibbs
JR LF Fred Sanders


JR 3B Walker Adames


JR C Matt Gray
JR 3B Franklin Black
JR RF Dwayne Kintzler
JR CF Yasmani Mullins

Oklahoma St

JR C Brenden ONeal
JR LF Irwin Mendez


JR LF Donald Tellez

Texas Tech

JR 1B Lane Benton
JR 2B Pat Gross
JR LF Ward Henson
JR RP Kenneth Higgins


JR RP Geoffrey Marsh

Dallas Baptist

JR CF Cecil Encarnacion
JR SP Marshall Strong

Notre Dame

JR SS Hunter Carroll

Florida State

JR 2B Terrence Elliot
JR SS Adeiny Acuna
JR CL Jacob Harper
JR RP Lester Jensen


JR LF Phillip Morris
JR RP Francis Hyde

Boston College

JR SS Jessie Hartman


JR SS Vicente Walls


JR LF Eduardo Sandoval

Georgia Tech

JR SP Franklin Black


JR C Michael McGee
JR 2B Asher Abraham
JR 3B Sterling Lester
JR RP Merrill Mercer

Virginia Tech

JR 2B Tyler Chaney


JR 2B Horacio Burt


JR RF Prince Ayala


JR RF Asher Newman
JR CF Abe Sisco
JR CL Wally Rasmussen
JR SP Kenny McLean


JR RP Trenton Greene

Southern Miss

JR RF Elroy Greer
JR CL Didi Inciarte


JR CL Joey Nichols


JR 2B Otis Hinton
JR 3B Adan Valentine

San Antonio

JR CL Giovanni Hill

Midd Tenn

JR 2B Frances Matthews


JR C Dewey McKenzie
JR 3B Pete Combs
JR CF Major Flynn
JR LF Rod Calhoun


JR 2B Ozzie Sierra

New Hampshire

JR SP Troy Arnold


JR SP Jorge Gsellman

South Florida

JR RP Carl Fulton


JR RP Shawn Lawrence


JR 3B Joseph Foster


JR CL Leonel Anderson


JR RP Zach Anthony


JR 3B Enrique Winovich


JR C Roger Markakis

George Mason

JR CL Spencer Meyer


JR C Gonzalo Swanson


JR RF Jaime Mosley

NJ Tech

JR RP Herb Wallach
JR SP Gabriel Gaviglio


JR SS Trevor Nash

Southern Utah

JR C Romeo Vazquez

North Arizona

JR CL Roy English

Charleston SO

JR CL Robinson Hull

Long Beach St

JR CF Colby Briceno
JR CL Marcell Wallach

Cal Poly

JR 2B Denny Williamson


JR C Larry Atkins


JR CL Ervin Nielsen


JR CL Lyle Abad


JR CL Marlin Rowe


JR CF Parker Avery


JR CL Gustavo Shepard

Green Bay

JR 1B Quinton Cano


JR C Booker Renfroe

Saint Peters

JR RP Justin Cardenas


JR SP Claude Ford

Northern Ill

JR CL Mac Roach


JR RP Deolis Fuller
JR SP Malik Atkins


JR SS Harold d'Arnaud

S Carolina St

JR SP Newton Higashioka

Indiana St

JR C Kareem Valdez

Boise State

JR CL Demetrius Bean

San Diego State

JR 3B Roscoe Tyson

New Mexico

JR RP Dave Hoskins


JR 2B Haywood Wiley
JR SS Ahmed Acuna

Utah State

JR C Jackie Warner
JR RP Caesar Able


JR SS Trenton Newhouse

Long Island

JR 3B Wilford Ferentz

Tennessee Tech

JR 1B Cameron Rodriguez


JR CL Stewie Swanson


JR 1B Bud Pierce
JR CL Harvey Clayton


JR 3B Mauricio Walden

Loyola MD

JR CL Dick Best

Northwestern St

JR CL Dean Gurriel
JR RP Harrison Elias

SE Louisiana

JR 3B Jose Martin

Cent Arkansas

JR SS Delmar Decker

Corpus Christi

JR 2B Brenden Snow
JR SS Javier Grimes
JR CL Warren Stephens
JR CL Jesse Suzuki
JR SP Bryce Beard

Jackson St

JR CL Rocco Ortiz
JR SP Waylon Powers

Prairie View

JR 2B Barry Cruz
JR CL Brian Lancaster


JR SS Bob Moreno

Oral Roberts

JR CL Starlin Ward
JR SP Nigel Walls


JR LF Collin Yamaguchi

Texas State

JR CL Rickey Frost

Little Rock

JR RP Enyel Underwood
JR SP Brenton Reynolds

South Alabama

JR RF Brenton Burris

Georgia South

JR RF Winston Warren

Saint Marys

JR C Marquis Bart


JR RF Mitchell Maldonado

Rio Grande

JR 2B Clyde Nunez
JR LF Cleo Alfaro


JR C Milton Dawson
JR SP Horacio Noble

Rains and Tide Look to Continue to Roll
Written By CoachE27
11/22/2021 03:46:24 pm
Tuscaloosa -- The atmosphere in Tuscaloosa is entering the waters that have long been forgotten. It has been 6 seasons since the Tide were relevant. First year Head Coach Easton Rains has the Tide feeling pretty good at the moment, sitting #2 in the SEC standings and in the top 15 of the country. This is a position that has become connected with Rains after his 7 year run at LIU. Now, Rains has his Crimson Tide team playing competitive ball well ahead of schedule. It is still early, but after four SEC series, the Tide sit solely in 2nd place behind Kentucky, whom the Tide will see during the final week of the season. Look for this Alabama team to be an underdog performer and continue to play with a chip leading into the final weeks of the regular season.
Era of Rains Off to Fast Start
Written By CoachE27
11/17/2021 05:07:45 am
Tuscaloosa -- The Crimson Tide of Alabama have gotten off to a great start under new coach Easton Rains. Changing the culture has been a priority of Rains since stepping on campus, continuing the blueprint he started at LIU over the past seven seasons. The Tide sit 6-0 to start the season behind strong pitching and timely contributions from a strong, united offensive front that has seen multiple faces in the lineup. Time will tell if the Tide can continue their strong start and work to earn the #21 ranking it now possesses.
Eli LeBlanc on the move!
Written By King Appy
11/14/2021 08:38:20 pm
Eli LeBlanc had agreed to part ways with North Texas, and despite success, this came after he only managed to pull in 3 commits. The coach has decided to move on to James Madison, where he hopes to find success!
Just In: Rains Contract Details Released at UA
Written By CoachE27
11/14/2021 01:07:18 pm
Tuscaloosa -- This afternoon Athletic Director John Cochran and University President Glen Blair addressed the media in regards to the contract details of Head Baseball Coach Easton Rains.

The contract signed by Rains is for 5 years during which his full salary amount is scheduled to be $9 million, not including performance bonus and incentives. Both parties have agreed to these terms and are looking forward to a very exciting Season 14.
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