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Zips look to strike gold with new hire
Written By CoachE27
07/28/2022 06:08:52 am
The Akron campus will welcome a new addition for this season. Early this morning, Athletic Director Murdo Murray, announced that a deal has been struck for Nuka Rains to become the new head coach of the Zips baseball program. Nuka Rains comes to Akron after spending the last 2 years on staff with his father, Easton Rains, at Alabama as an volunteer assistant. Prior to his time at the Capstone, Nuka Rains was a part of the Braves minor league organization after being drafted in the 6th round out of high school. The Zips hope that the younger Rains can find spark in low places like his father did at Long Island University.
Hawaii baseball team expected to hire first female manager
Written By Jonathan Mo
07/27/2022 03:11:17 pm
It took 25 years in the making, but what many have figured to happen sometime has finally eventually happened. We have seen a lot of females hired as assistant coaches in the NCAA, but we haven't seen any of those coaches... or any woman in particular... hired as a manager at the NCAA level. That's when Hawaii stepped up to the plate.

Today, the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors baseball team formally announced its new manager Lucy Walton. This season, Walton was a hot-topic commodity, and many struggling baseball teams have been looking to sign her as manager. Hawaii, who only won 12 games last season, made the decision to sign Walton, who brings some of her mentality to the Hawaii squad.

"It doesn't feel real," Walton said in her introductory press conference. "I never thought I would make it this far, but I have faith in myself that I can turn a school around. I am aware that none of this will be easy, but I am always willing and able."

Before accepting the job at Hawaii, Lucy Walton spent 3 seasons as the assistant coach for the Georgia Bulldogs. Before that, she was the pitching coach for the Cincinnati Bearcats for another 3 years and spent 2 years as a pitching coach for Harvard. Lucy is awaiting a new page in her chapter as she takes over the Hawaii baseball team.

"One again, it has been an honor. The team wants to restore its name back to the college baseball atmosphere. I feel confident that they made the right choice. It's an honor to take the role. I know that this will start with many bumps and bruises along the way, but I will eventually lead the team over the top."
Is Nemo Park the next big manager in the NCAA?
Written By Jonathan Mo
07/19/2022 05:39:46 pm
Nemo was called to fix the Iowa baseball team after a disappointing 5-7 coming into a season where Iowa found themselves champions last year. There was the expectation that he would put them over the hump and get them to at least over .500 on the year, but he never thought he would lead the same team towards a second-straight championship.

"It feels like a dream," said Park. "I never would've thought that I would get here. I'm pretty sure there were not that big of expectations for our team coming into this one. But, now, we proved the doubters wrong."

Park, who replaced Ender Mann as Iowa manager, had no coaching experience -- even on the high school level. There was not much hype towards the signing, but now people expect top-quality effort every time. A vast question arose: Perhaps Nemo Park will be the next big manager in the NCAA?

"It certainly feels like it," answered Park. "There is a lot of speculation that I might be a hidden gem. I'm already slated for the Big Ten Manager of the Year. Perhaps I can be a dark horse for the NCAA Manager of the Year," Park joked.

With the tournament win for Iowa, they now automatically qualify for the National Tournament. And for a new coach like Nemo Park, especially with no coaching experience, that is tremendous for the resume.

"Of course, I am thrilled to play in the National Tournament. I'm not sure if we could make it to the CWS, but it's worth trying. My players should work hard as they should. Iowa, I won't let you down."

Nemo's first season gave many flashbacks of Easton Rains when he first took the reigns onto Long Island. Coming off an abysmal season going 16-44, Easton was able to exceed all expectations for the next season, only losing 3 losses that season, leading the team to a Big East championship, and even taking the team to Regionals. Although it wasn't an entire season like Rains, Nemo is looking to replicate that success.

Nemo is also having a lot of chemistry with his players, but not just on-field.

"He's a great manager," said senior left-fielder Benjamin Hightower -- who was drafted in the third round by the Chicago Cubs. "He's rather funny and has brought a presence to the locker room. I think a morale boost from a manager as young as Park brings a lot, and it shows in our play. Not saying that he said he's my favorite, though..."

Nemo is also showing well on the recruiting sigil. His somewhat aggressive recruiting style has proven well, as he already has one 5-star recruit under his wing. And given the trend the team is going towards, there is no doubt that more will follow.

We asked Nemo what this means, not only for the club's future but the future of Park himself.

"Honestly, I'm not sure," replied Park. "I think for the team, they will do very well -- hopefully reach a championship -- with me on board. As for me, it depends. If I find another opportunity to work for another team and help them, that'll happen. For now, I am focused on bringing Iowa to the top. But I hope that if I leave the team, the team still prospers on the College Baseball scene."
Season 25 Draft Results
07/18/2022 02:08:27 pm
The Season 25 Draft Draft Result

Round 1
SR C Elvis Marshall - James Madison Round 1, Pick#1
SR LF Damien Acosta - Georgia Round 1, Pick#2
SR RP Miles Brock - Syracuse Round 1, Pick#3
SR 3B Donovan Akiyama - Virginia Tech Round 1, Pick#4
SR C Carl Flynn - Florida State Round 1, Pick#6
JR C Amos Torres - Oregon Round 1, Pick#7
SR RP Rio Villarreal - Missouri Round 1, Pick#9
JR SS Herman Walters - Northwestern St Round 1, Pick#10
SR 3B Lucien Olsen - Georgia Round 1, Pick#12
SR CL Mitch Stock - Irvine Round 1, Pick#13
JR SS Charles Monroe - Florida State Round 1, Pick#14
SR SS Bo Atkins - Alabama Round 1, Pick#15
JR RP Shaun Reilly - Coastal Car Round 1, Pick#16
JR SP Heath Coleman - Virginia Tech Round 1, Pick#18
JR RF Tzu-Wei Dominguez - Oklahoma St Round 1, Pick#19
JR RF Dave Meyers - Loyola Chicago Round 1, Pick#20
JR SP D'Angelo Pitts - Illinois Round 1, Pick#21
JR SP Mariano Randolph - Wake Forest Round 1, Pick#23
JR C Ray Tyson - Riverside Round 1, Pick#24
JR LF Seth Cherry - Furman Round 1, Pick#25
JR 2B Omar Padilla - South Carolina Round 1, Pick#26
JR SP Jordon Hall - Syracuse Round 1, Pick#28
SR LF Jose Brigham - Alabama Round 1, Pick#29
SR RF Alex Abner - Arizona Round 1, Pick#30
Season 25 Awards
07/17/2022 03:48:57 pm
Season 22 Draft Results
05/15/2022 03:59:53 pm
The Season 22 Draft Draft Result

Round 1
SR C Marty Campusano - Austin Peay Round 1, Pick#1
SR CL Olliver Holman - Saint Marys Round 1, Pick#2
SR CL Andre Potter - Central Conn St Round 1, Pick#3
SR C Alejandro Barrera - Charleston SO Round 1, Pick#4
SR C Jax Jarvis - Purdue Round 1, Pick#5
SR C Bryan Franklin - USC Round 1, Pick#6
SR C Sal Rasmussen - Miss State Round 1, Pick#7
SR CL Adan Conner - Michigan Round 1, Pick#8
SR C Korey Givens - Rio Grande Round 1, Pick#9
SR C Marvin Bass - Sacramento St Round 1, Pick#10
SR C Ken George - North Florida Round 1, Pick#11
SR C Jimbo Kingery - Northeastern Round 1, Pick#12
SR CL Abbott Rasmussen - Marymount Round 1, Pick#13
SR C Rashad Miranda - Green Bay Round 1, Pick#14
SR CL Aubrey Shannon - Northern Iowa Round 1, Pick#15
SR C Rocky Lynch - Georgetown Round 1, Pick#16
SR CL Johan Gardner - Austin Peay Round 1, Pick#17
SR C Bradford Harper - Kent State Round 1, Pick#18
SR C Drew Ramos - UMass Round 1, Pick#19
SR C Ocatvio Hechavarria - Rider Round 1, Pick#20
SR C Bert Steckenrider - NC State Round 1, Pick#21
SR C Patrick Dennis - Wyoming Round 1, Pick#22
SR CL Chester Buchanan - Pepperdine Round 1, Pick#23
SR CL Marcus Mitchell - Alabama Round 1, Pick#24
SR CL Nathan Rasmussen - South Alabama Round 1, Pick#25
SR C Carter Hopper - Charlotte Round 1, Pick#26
SR CL Jacob Lara - South Carolina Round 1, Pick#27
SR CL Geraldo Rutledge - Wisconsin Round 1, Pick#28
SR C Emmit Tran - North Carolina Round 1, Pick#29
SR CL Melvin Alford - Citadel Round 1, Pick#30
Juniors leaving early for Season 22 Draft.
05/15/2022 03:55:47 pm
The Season 22 Draft is upon us once again. These are the players that will be leaving their school early to pursue their professional careers.

South Carolina

JR C Royce Melton


JR CL Miles Velazquez


JR CL Malik Able
JR CL Geraldo Malone

Michigan State

JR C Eddie Battle
JR C Wander Reynolds

Ohio State

JR CL Gene Odom


JR CL Drake Nola


JR C George Kane


JR CL Davis Pace

Washington St

JR CL Silas Sanu


JR CL Gus Chavis

Arizona State

JR C Delmar Floyd


JR C Newton Morales


JR C Joey Griffith


JR CL Chauncey Durham

Oklahoma St

JR C Karl Gray


JR C Sol McCourty
JR CL Thomas Huff


JR C Adrian Ford


JR C Shun Dorsey

North Carolina

JR C Travis Huff


JR CL Casey Keith


JR CL Sol Day

Southern Miss

JR C Trenton Ross

San Antonio

JR C Collin Schroeder


JR CL Nicolas Alfaro
JR CL Kenny Richards


JR C Borris Mancini


JR C Jack Hunter


JR C Shane Norman
JR CL Antonio Clay

South Florida

JR C Trenton Lawrence
JR C Cortez Kline


JR C Arlie Christian

St Louis

JR C Wilbert Kintzler

Rhode Island

JR C Perry Ayers


JR CL Walton McGuire


JR CL Doyle Reeves

Gulf Coast

JR C Luis Kennedy

NJ Tech

JR C Dean Lang
JR CL Kasey Reilly

North Colorado

JR CL Lourdes Henderson

North Dakota

JR C Ronnie Tran

Southern Utah

JR C Wilbert Grimes
JR CL Quinton Kim

Idaho St

JR C Romero Hoffman

North Arizona

JR C Starlin Hewitt

Weber St

JR C Olliver Nolan
JR CL Luke Kittredge
JR CL George Bowman


JR C Ivory Heath

Charleston SO

JR CL Foster Shcultz


JR CL Rocco Abram


JR C Ambrose Neal


JR CL Rafael Dorsey

Santa Barbara

JR CL Kasey Rivers
JR SP Charles Contreras

Long Beach St

JR CL Michael Drake

Cal Poly

JR C Starlin Mullins


JR C Devon Ross

Incarnate Word

JR CL Cortez Elias


JR C Erwin Diaz

William & Mary

JR C Rufus Dennis
JR CL Adam Vasquez


JR CL Adeiny Romano


JR CL Jeremiah Voit


JR CL Chase Estrada

Youngstown St

JR C Nathaniel Roth


JR C Markus Thuney
JR CL Quinn Matthews


JR C Harland Adkins
JR C Glenn Bradshaw


JR CL Alec Horne
JR CL Ryan Peterson
JR CL Jeffrey Wolf


JR C Wally Pugh


JR C Giuseppe Tucker
JR C Felipe Holt


JR CL Cyrus White


JR CL Rene Dixon


JR CL Waldo Burris


JR C Oswaldo Everett

Ball St

JR C Branden Paxton

Eastern Shore

JR CL Seth ODonnell
JR CL Blake Bradley

Florida A&M

JR C Ward Weber

Morgan State

JR C Jerald Figueroa


JR C Lionel Lane

S Carolina St

JR CL Burt Tyler


JR C Rob Wilkerson
JR CL Alexander Ferentz

Northern Iowa

JR CL Deon Pope

Boise State

JR C Benito Talley

New Mexico

JR CL Rickey Farmer


JR CL Billy Mendoza

Colorado State

JR C Boyd Barry
JR CL Clyde Crane

Fresno St

JR C Abraham Brasier


JR C Reid Dickson


JR C Bryce Spence

Sacred Heart

JR CL Glen Newton

Robert Morris

JR CL Guy Hodge
JR CL Joe Fisher


JR C Joe Hopper

Murray State

JR C Lucas Herman
JR C Luther Rutledge

SE Missouri

JR C Felix Ayala
JR C Robinson Arrieta
JR CL Dellin Bishop

Tennessee St

JR C Dellin Price


JR C Clifton Margot
JR C Teddy Acosta

Holy Cross

JR CL Valentine Coffey
JR CL Justin Fisher


JR C Sidney Trevino


JR C Jermaine Rosa
JR C Amed Bethel
JR CL Kurtis Aguilar

Loyola MD

JR C Edwin Newton

West Carolina

JR C Glen Bender
JR CL Palmer Sweeney
JR CL Stewie Buchanan


JR C Earnest Norton


JR C Randall McKee

Houston Baptist

JR CL Yan Adeboyejo

Sam Houston

JR C King Wojciechowski

McNeese St

JR C Gustavo Lynch

Nicholls St

JR CL Jalen Decker

Cent Arkansas

JR C Alex Dodson


JR C Ward Gill
JR CL Chang Hall
JR CL Leland Fuller

Alabama St

JR C Hugh James
JR C Calvin Alston

Alcorn St

JR C Berry Thuney

Alabama A&M

JR C Oswaldo Stephenson
JR CL Jamison Buchanan

Pine Bluff

JR C Rupert Guzman


JR C Porter ODonnell
JR C Isan Donaldson
JR C Asher Odom

Oral Roberts

JR C Seranthony Guerrero

South Dakota

JR CL Vincent Jacobson


JR CL Kelly Austin


JR C Peter Delgado

Little Rock

JR C Tyson Ward
JR CL Collin Shcultz

Arkansas St

JR C Renato Lynn

UL Lafayette

JR C Leroy Fleming

Georgia South

JR CL Stewie Boyle

Georgia State

JR CL Robby Aarons


JR C Hunter Kidd
JR CL Delmar De Los Santos


JR CL Clark Frazier
JR CL Richie McKee


JR C Vladimir Aguirre


JR C Alejandro Franklin

Saint Marys

JR C DeAngelo Sanford

San Diego

JR CL Cortez Foley

New Mexico St

JR CL Kirk Whitney
JR CL Saul Gilbert


JR CL Glenn Zamora
JR CL Seth Hess


JR C Rogelio McCray

Chicago St

JR C Irwin Abbadessa

Grand Canyon

JR C Renaldo Owen
JR CL Alvaro Abram


JR C Otto Chavis

Season 22 Awards
05/15/2022 03:48:23 pm
Here are the Season 22 award winners!

JR RF Cletus Graham -
Pitching MVP
SR SP Elroy Gregory -
Texas A&M
Freshman of the Year
FR SS Dallas Cotton -
Freshman Pitcher of the Year
FR SP Rosario Price -
All American
SO C Len Small -
SR 1B Neil Shaw -
Virginia Tech
SR 2B DeAndre Kidd -
JR 3B Bart Arnold -
West Illinois
JR SS Haywood Jacos -
West Kentucky
JR RF Cletus Graham -
SR SP Elroy Gregory -
Texas A&M
SR SP Sid Izzo -
Virginia Tech
NC Central
the suprise teams of the year right now
Written By Waltejos
05/11/2022 11:05:41 am
the suprise teams that is surprising right now that they good. i will do 10-1 teams to the least surprising to the most surprising team. so lets dive in. number 10 is st.boneveture they are a solid team right now i know they are low but the rank 17th in talent and RPI rank 4rth there RDiff is rank 18th and the sow rank 6th and they rank in the power ranking 6th so they look like a team to go deep so lets dive in their schedule they do not play anyone that is good in their schedule but play against rank teams some. so number 9 is Auburn they are surprising but they have great talent we saw how they can be the elliminated good teams in the playoofs almost made it to the college world series was close but got elliminated by flordiastate but auburn did beat them first but got elliminated. there RPI is rank 9th there talent rank 13th and RDiff 14th and sow rank 14th sol rank 10th pretty good stats let dive in their schedule. they won a series against 10th rank alambama won the series against them 2-1 that was a great series to win soon they will play 18th rank arkansas then play the number 1 team gerogia that will be the series of a life time will be a top7 showdown when they play in my oppinion the one thing that they do not play is vanderbilt and texas ame they had a decent schedule to play with number 8 arkansas they are playing good ball they made a challenge to georgia that meant something that arkansas might be back and ready for playoffs but had one of the hardest schedule through like evey game is hard but i think they make the playoffs but it will not be easy number 7 nevada. nevada. nevada. they are playing good baseball right now they ere not to supposed to be in the top 25 not good talent at all might this might a team to watch out. number 6 umass same thing with nevada umass is a team to watch out theu score runs they will be a challenege coming to playoffs. number 5 is elpaso. elpaso is good they might be a challene if any of these 3 surprise team will make a deep run is elpaso. number 4 binghamton they will be good but they will play st.boneveture later in the season and umass so lets see if they legit or not. number 3 eastern michigan they are a team that no one expect everyone should take this team serous come to playoffs. number 2 james madison watch out they can beat top 5 teams they that good. now our number 1 this team most surprising is manhattan they i think they are good enough to be in the college world series and i think they can win it so now we done witht the top 10 teams most surpirsing.
Season 21 Draft Results
04/24/2022 03:58:53 pm
The Season 21 Draft Draft Result

Round 1
SR C Emmit Chen - California Round 1, Pick#1
SR C Ross Patton - NJ Tech Round 1, Pick#2
SR C Titus Tucker - Fresno St Round 1, Pick#3
SR CL Timmy Sulser - Texas Southern Round 1, Pick#4
SR CL Gavin Johns - Portland St Round 1, Pick#5
SR C Randal Wade - Cent Arkansas Round 1, Pick#6
SR CL Cleo Summers - Valparaiso Round 1, Pick#7
SR CL Clay Benton - Stetson Round 1, Pick#8
SR CL Virgil Loaisiga - Buffalo Round 1, Pick#9
SR CL Lenny Kelly - Indiana St Round 1, Pick#10
SR C Orville Fuller - G Washington Round 1, Pick#11
SR C Julio Volt - Radford Round 1, Pick#12
SR C Faustino Nixon - San Diego State Round 1, Pick#13
SR C Lincoln Vasquez - Alabama Round 1, Pick#14
SR CL Ahmed Bummer - Colorado State Round 1, Pick#15
SR C Lamar Herrera - Iowa Round 1, Pick#16
SR CL Abel Berger - Sam Houston Round 1, Pick#17
SR C Hyun-Jin McCall - Creighton Round 1, Pick#18
SR CL Jeremy Merritt - New Mexico Round 1, Pick#19
SR C Josh Dorsey - San Francisco Round 1, Pick#20
SR C Romero Langley - St Thomas Round 1, Pick#21
SR C Dave Guy - Miami Round 1, Pick#22
SR C Percy Gomez - Little Rock Round 1, Pick#23
SR C Evan Vasquez - Stony Brook Round 1, Pick#24
SR C Glenn Segura - Montana St Round 1, Pick#25
SR C Alan Hansen - Vermont Round 1, Pick#26
SR C Stewie Crane - Baltimore Round 1, Pick#27
SR CL Rhys Hatfield - Belmont Round 1, Pick#28
SR C Jarod Prince - Tennessee Tech Round 1, Pick#29
SR CL Kasey Ayers - Idaho St Round 1, Pick#30
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