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Please post the ideas you would like to see implemented. I want to give users more control over the way there teams play.

Strategies can be edited independently based on Inning and Score

Pitching Strategy:

* Will be player based and not team based.
* Create custom situations to hook pitcher (X Runs After Y IP)
* Hook based on Energy
* Leave in for Perfect Game/No Hitter/Shut Out
* Pitch around
* Intentional Walk
* Hold Runners
Defense Strategy:

* Team Based
* Infielders In - Lowers runners chances of advancing more than one base on infield groundballs as well as lowering bunt success
* Shift - Lowers Avg on Pull Side, Increased Avg on NonPull Side
Baserunning Strategy:

* Will be player based and not team based.
* Steal frequency
* Base running aggressiveness - How often runners try to advance extra bases
Hitting Strategy:

* Player based
* Power vs Contact - Power increases HR/Extra Base hits but lowers Avg, contact increases avg but lowers HR/EBHits
* Sac Bunt
* Bunt for Hit
* Hit and Run - Baserunners have a chance to advance further. Lowers Avg but increases Contact

Kenny Vega:
DIdn't realize we can now make posts on suggestions here....thought we were using the chat:

I have a suggestion for the Recruiting Board that I would find helpful. If you could allow us to move our players up and down so we have our most prioritized players near the top. Right now if I wanted to reorder I would have to remove a number of players and place them back on the list in the order I want...kind of a hassle.

My other suggestion would be on the training page...when you hover your mouse over a player's name it should list their grades for all their attributes so we can know which skills we want to work on. Currently have to have multiple tabs open and flip back and forth on the tabs for every single player and this is quite cumbersome.

Definitely keep using chat. Just wanted to post this here so it doesn’t get lost in chat when I start work on it.

Kenny Vega:
Can articles written in a team Profile be PINNED so they aren't lost. PINNED so they are saved not auto-removed due to the amount of updates. I enjoy some of the articles you had written and I don't want them to be lost in the shuffle.


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